Indian Online Visa Application – How to do It?

E-visa is designed to conveniently cope with bunch of passport and visa applicants and this is perfect for India as a country known as second most populated country.

An e-visa or electronic travel authority is a tourism and travel visa application for non-Indian citizens to visit India. The visa is electronic which means no label or official stamp ever appears on the applicant’s passport.

For those who intend to apply for an Indian e-visa, it is necessary to know that it does not need any agency for you to acquire the visa successfully. This disclaimer can be seen on the home page of the official Indian online visa portal.

Indian e-Visa has three categories and they are as follows:

1. E-Tourist visa – is for visitors who want to spend vacation or holidays or visit the tourist attractions of India.

2. E-Business visa – is for those who are engaged in business and are not citizens of India.

3. E-Medical visa is designed for non-Indian citizens who are in need of medical services in the country.

There are no limits to these categories, a foreigner, non-resident can is qualified to visit India any of the reasons which these categories cater for.

Of course, there are rules preset by the Indian authorities governing the process of application for Indian e-visa. For example, because of the treaty between India and these two countries – Nepal and Bhutan, there citizens can enter India without getting visas.

In terms of the processing fee in getting an Indian e-visa, there is no specified amount as it depends upon the country of origin and the applicant. On top of the amount charged for the application is 2.5% bank transaction fees and it should be paid four days before the date of travel otherwise the processing of visa is cancelled. It should be noted that these fees are non-refundable so applicants are advised to be make sure that finances are in order before applying.

Generally, the validity of Indian e-visas is 60 days and upon the entry of the visa holder in India, the counting starts. For visa holder of e-Tourist and e-Business categories, double entry is allowed, while e-Medical visa holder is allowed with triple entry.

Acquiring an Indian visa online won’t be a problem as it is just a piece of cake with the use of information you can find online. The official e-visa website gives all the information needed to make a successful application.

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