My Experience When Applying For Online Visa India

I hereby share my personal experience when applying for online visa India that may be helpful for the ones looking to procure Indian visa to travel to the Indian subcontinent. I was pleased to hear that one can apply for an online visa for 30 days whereas previously one had to apply for 6 months to undertake sightseeing in India and that too by post. The price of applying for 6 months visa has doubled in the past few years. I heard a lot about online visa application form which may be submitted via the internet portal, and so there is no need to visit any physical office. You can check this section to learn how I finally procured Indian visa.

I checked online and visited the government authorized site to locate the application form. The application seemed pretty lengthy, and I started entering the information. But, it was asking me to produce details of the old visa of my visit to India. Unfortunately, I did not have it, and I tried hard to find a way to it. My friends and relatives told me to enter that I have not visited India, but this was wrong. I was not in support of speaking an outright lie because it might cause the rejection of my application if the authority comes to know by chance. So, I adopted fair means and consulted the customer care executive who advised me just to enter the information that I have visited India in the past and just include the visa number as ‘0’. I took her advice and did the same.

I checked online to find the documents that were needed to apply for the Indian visa. The website stated the details of the documents required for applying for the visa. I was asked to submit passport sized photo along with the copy of the passport. I ensured that my passport copy has information page in it. I just clicked the photo of the information page and cropped it against the white background in the square box in the online application form. I made sure that the background of the photo is white. I snapped pictures of my passport and just edited them. The text was legible and readable.

After filling up the page asking information on the passport, I moved forward to the page requiring the photo. I uploaded the photo as the JPEG file and simultaneously converted the passport document to the PDF format. After all the information was entered, I double checked to make sure there are no mistakes at all. Then I proceeded to make the payment. It was awkward that my debit card got rejected as I entered my card number. Luckily, my credit card got accepted, and I made the payment. It cost me some 100 USD and processing fees. The fee was very nominal much to my delight. After I made the payment, I received the confirmation email to my email address.

I read the email which said that, my request was getting processed and that it would complete in 72 hours. I was surprised to see that my visa was granted within 24 hours for the next 30 days. 

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